Lufeng Scholarship



Every support from any person or organization makes an immediate and lasting impact. It is the support from all enthusiastic donors that makes Lufeng Scholarship be able to operate well. Your support is not only an encouragement to the next Lufeng scholars, but also strengthens our shared belief of encouraging innovation and sustaining this activity consistently.


We hereby give our heartfelt thanks to all the following donors!


Notes: Lists are sorted by last name. Please contact us if there's any omission.

Donors List of 2016


Fu Ling , Gao Feng , He Jia , Kuang Xu Zheng , Liu Bin Bin , Long Sheng , Men Fu Min , Ou Yang , Shi Quan , Shi Yu Wei , Wang Na Na , Wang Ting Ting , Xia Lei Lei , Xu Zheng Jiang , Yu Li Chang , Zhang Jin Qian , Zheng Nai Chao , Zhou Chu Ju



Donors List of 2017


Fu Ling , Long Sheng , Men Fu Min , Ou Yang , Wang Na Na , Xia Lei Lei , Xu Zheng Jiang, Zheng Nai Chao